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Neoprene Camera Case
Mdl#OC-MC1BK        Sku#22962

The JJC O.N.E OC-MC Series Neoprene Camera Cases Stores and protects your camera from dirt, dust, scratches, and light impact. For ease of use, the case is opened and closed with a touch-fastening flap. The easy-access design enables photographers to quickly access the camera. What’s more, the elastic material of the bag makes it fit cameras of different sizes. The case features stylish edge stitching for a handmade appearance, which makes it attractive. In addition, photographers have the option of using this case with or without a neck strap. When removed, the case can be attached to your neck strap through the equipped durable band.

Product Highlights

Lightweight and compact

Made of soft, cushioning Neoprene

Stores and protects your camera from dirt, dust, scratches and light impact

Stylish edge stitching for handmade look

Opened and closed with a touch-fastening flap

May be used with a neck strap

Can be attached to your neck strap through the equipped durable band when removed

OC-MC1/OC-MC1GR/OC-MC1BK fits the following models and other cameras with lens no more than 148mm (W) x 113mm(H) x 188mm (D).

Sony a7S III+16-35mm Lens

Canon EOS R6+24-105mm Lens

Sony a7S III+24-70mm Lens

Canon EOS RP+24-240mm Lens

Canon EOS R5+24-105mm Lens

Canon EOS R+24-105mm Lens

Canon 80D+18-135mm Lens

Canon 70D+18-135mm Lens

Canon 60D+15-85mm Lens

Canon 60D+17-85mm Lens

Canon 700D+18-135mm Lens

Canon 750D+18-135mm STM Lens

Canon 760D+18-135mm STM Lens

Canon 700D+18-55mm STM Lens

Canon 760D+18-55mm Lens

Nikon D90+18-105mm Lens

Nikon D5500+18-105mm Lens

Nikon D5300+18-105mm Lens

Nikon D5300+18-140mm Lens

Nikon D5200+18-105mm Lens

Nikon D3200+18-105mm Lens

Nikon D7200+18-140mm Lens

Nikon D3200+18-55mm Lens

Nikon D7200+18-105mm Lens

Nikon D7200+18-200mm Lens

Nikon D7100+18-200mm Lens

Nikon D7100+18-140mm Lens

Nikon D7100+16-85mm Lens

Nikon D7100+18-105mm Lens

Panasonic GH5+12-60mm Lens

Panasonic GH5S+12-60mm Lens 


WeightNet  Weightg 88g
Gross Weightg 156g

Full Size 190*150*96mm
SizePackagePackaging type Transparent bag+ Paperboard

Packing size 192*190*96mm
Material  Neoprene


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