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WT-868 Wireless Timer Remote
Mdl#WT-868        Sku#40355

JJC WT-868 Wireless Timer Remote doesn't just trip your shutter wirelessly. It's also equipped to handle a long list of timer functions: self-timer, interval timer, long exposure timer, as well as controlling the number of continuous shutter releases. It works with a vast array of different cameras, you will just need to swap out the camera release cable for the correct camera. The transmitter works at a distance up to 100m(328 feet) on any one of 56 channels over a reliable 2.4GHz frequency. What’ more, this remote can also be used as a wired remote by connecting the transmitter to the camera. Most important, this remote also has power saving function and anti-interference function to allow you trigger your camera securely. 

Product Compatibility List:


*Since our WT-868 does not provide a JJC Shutter Release Cable, you will need to purchase a cable to fit your camera separately. You will just need to swap out the different cables to use our WT-868 with your different cameras.

Cable-A replaces CANON RS-80N3 / TC-80N3

Cable-B replaces NIKON MC-30 / MC-36 / MC-36A

Cable-C replaces CANON RS-60E3 / PENTAX CS-205

Cable-D replaces PANASONIC DMW-RSL1

Cable-E replaces OLYMPUS RM-CB1

Cable-F replaces MINOLTA RC-1000S/L / RM-S1AM / RM-S1LM

Cable-G replaces NIKON MC-DC1

Cable-M replaces NIKON MC-DC2

Cable-J replaces OLYMPUS RM-UC1

Cable-H replaces SIGMA CR-11

Cable-I replaces SIGMA CR-21

Cable-K replaces FUJIFILM RR-80

Cable-N replaces SAMSUNG ED-SR2NX02

Cable-O replaces FUJIFILM RR-80A

Cable-R replaces FUJIFILM RR-90


Type: FSK 2.4GHz wireless timer remote control system

Transmission distance: 100 meters(328 feet) or above

Channel: 56 channels

Dimensions(W x H x D): Transmitter: 118 x 49 x 27 mm / Receiver: 68 x 48 x 29mm

Weight (without battery):Transmitter: 59g / Receiver: 41g

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