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Timer Remote Shutter Cord for Pentax K-70
Mdl#TM-PK1        Sku#37249

The JJC® TM Multi-Function Timer remote control provides a simple trigger function and can activate the bulb function on cameras. It also functions as a timer remote and can be programmed to function as an intervalometer.

The JJC® TM is a remote control with an cord and a self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer, and exposure-count setting feature. The timer can be set anywhere from 1 sec. to 99 hrs., 59 min., 59 sec. The maximum number of exposure is 399 or unlimited.

Replace PENTAX CS-310,Compatible with Pentax K-70PENTAX KP

WeightNet  Weightg 77g
Gross Weightg 133g

Full Size 110*45*22mm
SizePackagePackaging type Carton

Packing size 75*39*170mm
Material ABS
Compatible with: Pentax K-70

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