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Desiccants Silica Gel
Mdl#SGD-50        Sku#11928

Product Descriptions

JJC SGD-50 includes 50 bags of desiccants silica gel, 1 gram per bag. JJC SGD-50 Desiccants Silica Gel is insoluble in water and any solvents, poisonless and tasteless, and it’s chemical property is stable, and it has good moisture absorption performance. Therefore, it is widely used in the storage and transportation of electronic products, instruments, meters, leather, bags, footwear, textiles, food, medicine and others to control environment relative humidity, to prevent the goods be affected with damp, mildew and rust. The application scope is very broad.

Product Highlights

Insoluble in water and any solvents

Poisonless and tasteless

Chemical property is stable

Good moisture absorption performance

The application scope is very broad

50 bags of desiccants silica gel, 1 gram per bag

WeightNet  Weightg50g
Gross Weightg55g

Full Size40*30*3.8mm
SizePackagePackaging typePlastic bag

Packing size169*140*8.5mm
MaterialSilica gel 

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