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Infrared & Timer Remote for Multiple DSLR with Remote Interface and IR Receiver
Mdl#MT-636        Sku#01523

The JJC MT-636 Multi-Exposure Timer & Infrared Remote is a remote switch inbuilt self-timer, interval timer, multi-long exposure timer, and exposure-count setting features. What’s more, this remote has inbuilt infrared code for CANON, NIKON, SONY, OLYMPUS, PENTAX, SAMSUNG cameras. It can trigger the camera either wired or wirelessly. So it is a good way to prevent camera shake, this is perfect for taking long exposure photos. The timer can be set anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. A dial enables you easily enter the numeric settings with a single thumb. The LCD panel can also be illuminated. All these features make it good for time-lapse photography.
Delay Timer: 99 hours, 59minutes, 59seconds
Interval Timer: 99 hours, 59minutes, 59seconds
Exposure Counter: 999 shoots or unlimited
Multi-Exposure Timer: up to 9 different exposure timer groups
Inbuilt infrared code for CANON, NIKON, SONY, OLYMPUS, PENTAX, SAMSUNG cameras



Approx 110 × 45 × 22mm


Approx 72g

Battery Type

2 AAA batteries / LR03 alkaline batteries

Operating temperature

-20 to +50°C

Timer Functions
You can set the timer delays, multi-exposure times, and intervals up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds in one second increments.
Exposure Function
MT-636 enables you to select anywhere from one to 999 continuous shots, or you can set the device to take an unlimited number of photos.
Multi Exposure Timer
MT-636 enables you to set up to 9 different exposures time in one setting, let you can easy find out which is your best exposure time for your shooting.
LCD Display
The backlit LCD display panel gives you a visual reference so you can enable the following functions: self-timer, exposure, interval, and number of shots. It also act as a status indicator for battery life, timer functions, lock indicator, number of shots, and more.
Audible Beep
MT-636 will give you an audible beep for the last three seconds of a countdown delay or interval. It will also beep to confirm your settings. The beep can be turned off if necessary.
Long Battery Life
Powered by two "AAA" batteries, it can last for about 2 months.
Inbuilt infrared code

Since our MT-636 does not provide a shutter release cable, you will need to to purchase a JJC cable to fit your camera. If you have two cameras or above, you will just need to purchase different cables to use them with our MT-636 and your cameras, thus saving the cost after purchasing our MT-636.

Cable-A replaces CANON RS-80N3 / TC-80N3
Cable-B replaces NIKON MC-30 / MC-36 / MC-36A
Cable-C replaces CANON RS-60E3 / PENTAX CS-205
Cable-D replaces PANASONIC DMW-RSL1
Cable-E replaces OLYMPUS RM-CB1
Cable-F replaces MINOLTA RC-1000S/L / RM-S1AM / RM-S1LM
Cable-G replaces NIKON MC-DC1
Cable-M replaces NIKON MC-DC2
Cable-J replaces OLYMPUS RM-UC1
Cable-H replaces SIGMA CR-11
Cable-I replaces SIGMA CR-21
Cable-K replaces FUJIFILM RR-80
Cable-N replaces SAMSUNG ED-SR2NX02
Cable-O replaces FUJIFILM RR-80A
Cable-R replaces FUJIFILM RR-90


MT-636 are compatible with PENTAX SLR cameras with IR receiver, or PENTAX medium format cameras with IR receiver.























Compatible With

Multiple DSLR with Remote Interface and IR Receiver

Net  Weight





One year warranty


File titleDownload
JJC MT-636 English Manual (first part)
JJC MT-636 English Manual (second part)
JJC MT-636 English Manual (third part)
Will this work with sony nex 5?Da3Q
JJC: Dear customer, thank you for your interest about JJC product. The product does not work with Sony NEX 5.
Will this work with Canon EOS M3?Lex Maglunob
JJC: Dear customer, this product has functions of infrared remote control and wired remote control. And it only acts as an infrared remote controller when used with Canon EOS M3.
Will this product work with a Nikon D7200 without the need for the cable and can I use all functions? my e-mail: hm@haubold.liMichael
JJC: Dear customer, the JJC MT-636 works with Nikon D7200 by using the infrared function without the connecting cable. But, only with the cable, can you experience all the functions of the remote.
How can I use it for th e Nokon D7200?HAMI
JJC: Dear customer, the JJC MT-636 works with Nikon D7200. Adjust the infrared code to 06 (for Nikon cameras) and you can use the the infrared function. Connects the remote with your camera via a JJC shutter release cable (sold separately), and you can use the wired function. Thank you!
where might i find someone to supply me with this product in the Glasgow area of Scotlandkeen to purchase
JJC: Dear Customer, you can purchase this product from our resellers in UK. Visit this link to purchase JJC MT-636 Multi-Function Timer Remote: http://www.digitalmediastore.co.uk/camera_accessories/remote_controls/canon/Universal_HDR_Timer_Remote_Cord__Infrared_Remote_camera_connecting_cable_extra__JJC-MT636-D
Will this product work with a Nikon D80 without the need for the cable. I currentlly use a TM series cabled remote and would like to be able to operate without the need to be have a physical attachment to the camera body. Help would be much appreciated. arklestonbill@aol.com
JJC: Dear Customer, The MT-636 works with Nikon D80. Since the remote has infrared function, you can use the remote on your Nikon D80 without a connecting cable. Thanks!
I would like to use this for my Pentax K-01 and K-r... could you please confirm if this is compatible?Umesh
JJC: The infrared remote function is compatible wtih your Pentax K-01 and K-r, the wired remote function is not compatible wtih your Pentax K-01 and K-r,since your camera does not has a remote shutter release socket.
i need manual to use for a nikon d5300 please....xenalady73@gmail.com
JJC: We have sent the manual to your e-mail.
How to used it on my camera Nikon 300. please do you have instructions for it.ger.riezebos@kpnmail.nl
JJC: Already send the manual to your e-mail, please go and check it.
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