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Auto Lens Cap for Fujifilm X10 /X20
Mdl#ALC-X10        Sku#05347

Opens and closes automatically in sync with lens movement.
A new optional lens cap has been developed. Utilizing hinges, it opens and closes automatically with the extension and retraction of the lens.
Without touching the lens cap, the camera responds instantly to sudden shutter opportunities by just turning on the power.
Protect the lens with a lens cap that can't be lost or forgotten.



  Compatible  with

Fujifilm X10/ X20

Net  Weight


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One year warranty


Will it also fit the x20 lens, and might it interfere with light entering the lens?Marilyn Steiner
JJC: Dear Customer, ALC-X10 also fits the lens of FUJIFILM X20, and it won’t interfere with the light entering the lens.
Do I need an adaptor to fit this onto my Fujifilm X20 camera or does it fit on directly? Also, can I buy from you directly? Thank you.susan
JJC: No adapter is required. After removing the front lens ring, just mount the lens cap directly on your lens front. Since our main office is only available for wholesale, you can purchase the product from one of our ebay retailers, Here’s the link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JJC-Self-Retaining-AUTO-OPEN-CLOSE-LENS-CAP-For-FUJIFILM-FINEPIX-X10-X20-X30-DC-/311291919517 Thank you!
Will this fit fuji x30lens? tiredgoalie - gmail.com
JJC: Yes, ALC-X10 is also compatible with Fuji X30 Lens.
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