Moistureproof Filter Case

Sturdy and durable shell;Water resistant seal ring;Protects your filters effectively;The compatible filter thickness is up to 12mm;Includes 82mm, 86mm, 95mm and 105mm gaskets;Comes with 10 packs of desiccants silica gel

  • Model: FLC-XL
  • Bar Code: 6950291504258
 JJC FLC-XL Moistureproof Filter Case can hold Ф82mm, Ф86mm, Ф95mm or Ф105mm filters. The shell is made of quality PC material, sturdy and durable. The interior adopts TPE cushion and you can use together with the included gaskets of different sizes and thicknesses to protect your high-end filters. The edge of the interior is a water resistant seal ring to protect filters away from water and moisture effectively. The compatible filter thickness of the case is up to 12mm. In addition it comes with 10 packs of desiccants silica gel and you just need to put one pack of silica gel into the bottom of the case.

* It is recommended to replace the silica gel every month.
* If the silica gel is used up, you can choose our product the JJC SGD-100 (100 Packs of Desiccants Silica Gel) as a supplement.

Product Highlights

Sturdy and durable shell

Water resistant seal ring

Protects your filters effectively

The compatible filter thickness is up to 12mm

Includes 82mm, 86mm, 95mm and 105mm gaskets

Comes with 10 packs of desiccants silica gel

How to Use the Gaskets
1.Supplied three 1mm gaskets and two 3mm gaskets of different thread sizes (82mm, 86mm, 95mm and 105mm).
2.The number of gaskets can be selected in accordance with the thickness of your filters.
3.It is recommended to put the thin gasket in the bottom and the thick at the top.

Package Includes
Moistureproof Filter Case x 1
82mm Gasket (Thickness 1mm) x 3
82mm Gasket (Thickness 3mm) x 2
86mm Gasket (Thickness 1mm) x 3
86mm Gasket (Thickness 3mm) x 2
95mm Gasket (Thickness 1mm) x 3
95mm Gasket (Thickness 3mm) x 2
105mm Gasket (Thickness 1mm) x 3
105mm Gasket (Thickness 3mm) x 2
Desiccants Silica Gel x 10