3-in-1 Stacking Grid Light modifier System for Camera Flashes

Designed to be used on camera flashes; Provides 16°, 25° and 45° spot lighting control; For highlighting a portion of an image for dramatic effect.

  • Model: SG-N
  • Bar Code: 6950291509796
JJC 3-in-1 Stacking Grid Light Modifier System Grids are designed to be used on camera flashes. The included 3-in-1 Honeycomb Grid is a uniquely designed stacking grid system to provide 16°, 25° and 45° spot lighting control. It can be used at anytime a photographer is interested in highlighting a portion of an image for dramatic effect. Such as hair lights in portraiture, or for background or accent lights. When attached to an off-camera flash, the grids can help draw attention to an object, thus creating a desired atmosphere or mood in an image. When attached to a light source, a honeycomb grid creates a spot of light for adding dimension and depth to an image, or for highlighting important features. The angle of the grid determines the size of the spot projected forward, with smaller degree grids producing smaller spots, and larger angles producing larger spots.

Decide the Size of Light Spread
The Honeycomb Grids is designed to produce 3 different sizes of light spread (Small, Medium and Large). Stacking two grids together will produce the smallest spots of light. For medium size spots of light just stack the larger size grid into the bezel. Stack the smaller grid into the bezel to produce large size spots of light.

Attaching the Grid to your Flash
1.Attached the Light Modifier to the flash head just imply put the flash head into the Light Modifier Flash Bracket
2.Screw the grid mount and flash bracket together then stack the grids you need into the bezel
3.Screw the bezel to grid mount until it comes to complete stop

Compatible With
NIK. SB-900/SB-910