Automatic Extension Tube For PAN./ SIG./ LEI. L

Enhance Your Photography: The extension tube magnifies your subject, ideal for stunning macro shots and captivating closeup portraits with any PAN., SIG., or LEI. L mount lens and camera; Dual Tube Kit for Versatility: The package includes two tubes (11mm and 16mm) to achieve the desired  magnification. Experiment with individual or combined usage for diverse creative possibilities.

  • Model: JJC AET-LS(II)
  • Bar Code: 6950291548009
JJC AET-LS(II) Automatic Extension Tube is specially designed to work with PAN./ SIG./ LEI. L mount lenses and cameras, allowing your lens to focus closer than its normal minimum focusing distance. By creating additional space between your camera body and lens, the focusing distance is reduced, resulting in the magnification of your subject. This automatic extension tube is highly beneficial for macro photography. It can also be used for closeup portraits, providing the ability to transform nearly any lens into a macro lens without the high cost while preserving its original optical quality.
The kit includes two tubes of 11mm and 16mm lengths, allowing you to use them individually or in combination to achieve the desired magnification. The actual magnification effect varies depending on the specific lens being used.
The extension tube maintains full autofocus and auto-exposure functionality with integrated gold-plated contacts, ensuring seamless shooting. Moreover, the extension tubes do not contain any optical elements, guaranteeing no degradation in image quality. The durable metal bayonet ensures reliable use over time.
The package includes a body cap and a rear lens cap for added protection when not in use, effectively safeguarding the extension tube's contacts from dust and debris. The included storage pouch, equipped with a drawstring and carabiner, also facilitates easy and convenient storage and transportation.
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1. The focusing range will be limited to a close distance when using the auto extension tube. The greater the extension tube length, the closer the lens can focus.
2. We do not recommend working the wide-angle lens with two or more tubes.
3. As the image magnification increases, your camera becomes more susceptible to camera shake, affecting images' sharpness. We recommend using a tripod, remote release, and macro focusing rail slider to reduce shake.
4. As the focusing distance becomes shorter, the depth of field will reduce. Please set a low aperture value to increase the depth of field and obtain sharper images.

Product Highlights 
Enhance Your Photography: The extension tube magnifies your subject, ideal for stunning macro shots and captivating closeup portraits with any PAN., SIG., or LEI. L mount lens and camera.
Dual Tube Kit for Versatility: The package includes two tubes (11mm and 16mm) to achieve the desired    magnification. Experiment with individual or combined usage for diverse creative possibilities.
Preserve Image Quality: Integrated gold-plated contacts maintain full autofocus and auto-exposure functionality, while the extension tubes' optical element-free design ensures no compromise on your lens'     original quality.
Durable & Reliable: Crafted with a sturdy metal bayonet, the extension tube guarantees reliable performance over time. Body cap and rear lens cap provide added protection, keeping dust and debris away.
Convenient Storage & Transport: The package comes with a storage pouch equipped with a drawstring and carabiner, making it effortless to carry your extension tubes securely wherever you go. 

Package List
11mm Auto Extension Tube x1
16mm Auto Extension Tube x1
Body Cap x1
Rear Lens Cap x1
Storage Pouch x1
Instruction Manual x1