Lens Cleaning Pen

Retractable dust removal soft brush ;Aluminium alloy push button

  • Model: CL-CP2
  • Bar Code: 6950291507532
The JJC CL-CP2 Lens Cleaning Pen is a lightweight, portable and pen-shaped cleaning tool, which can be applied to clean optical parts, such as camera lenses, viewfinders, filters and display screens of cameras, camcorders, phones and tablets. One end of the cleaning pen is a soft brush. You can push the aluminium alloy button fully to clean the dust, fingerprints and other debris. When not in use, you can put on the dust cap for soft brush to prevent dust. The other end is a smart designed dual carbon tip, which has a circular and a triangular cleaning end. The circular end is suitable for the round optical screen cleaning, while the triangular cleaning end fits cleaning angles of viewfinder or screen. Put the cap on after using the lens cleaning pen to refresh the carbon compound. It is safe, eco-friendly and easy to use. 

Product Highlights
Retractable dust removal soft brush 
Aluminium alloy push button
Dual carbon tip for cleaning optical surfaces
Soft brush with a dust cap
Put the cap on to refresh the carbon compound
Lightweight and easy to carry