JCR Series Memory Card Cases

Sturdy and durable shell. High quality and eco-friendly material​. Custom fit molded sponge cushion. Protects cards from dust, shock and water splashing. Ergonomic locking system. Capable of storing up to 36 cards

  • Model: JCR-NSMSD36
  • Bar Code: 6950291560605
      JCR-NSMSD36 Memory Card Case by JJC, designed for NS card and MSD(TF) card storage, is made from high quality and eco-friendly materials. It has a sturdy and durable shell with the custom fit molded sponge cushion, which can accommodate up to 36 memory cards and keep them safe from shock, dust and water splashing. With a silicone seal ring, the case can effectively keep dust and water away. Moreover, the ergonomic locking system can realize easily opening and closing. JJC JCR series Memory Card Case will become a good partner for storing your memory cards.


Product Highlights

Sturdy and durable shell

High quality and eco-friendly material

Custom fit molded sponge cushion

Protects cards from dust, shock and water splashing

Ergonomic locking system

Capable of storing 24 MSD+12 NS cards