USB Battery Charger

Made of sturdy,durable and non-toxic premium ABS material. Enabling you to refresh your battery anytime. With an indicator lamp to display the charging status. Providing multiple battery protections.

  • Model: BCH-NP95II
  • Bar Code: 6950291566430

      JJC BCH-NP95II USB Battery Charger is made of premium ABS material, sturdy and durable, environmental-friendly and non-toxic. Powered by USB sources, you can charge your battery with AC adapter, laptop, power bank or car charger, which enables you to refresh your battery wherever and whenever. The indicator lamp displays the charging status of the battery. LED shows red when charging and blue when charging is complete. This battery charger can provide your battery with multiple protections. When the battery is about to overheat, the charger will sense and stop charging immediately. When the battery is fully charged the charger will automatically detect and stop charging to prevent damage to your battery. Besides that, it also can make the battery away from short circuit. With this battery charger, your shooting time will be greatly prolonged and you can feel free to enjoy your shooting.


Input: DC 5V-2A

Output: DC 4.2V-600mA

Dimension: approx. 85 x 48 x 34mm

Material: ABS

Cable Length: approx. 60cm

Fits: Fujifilm NP-95 & Ricoh DB-90


Product Highlights

Prolongs your shooting time

Made of premium material, sturdy and durable

Environmental-friendly and non-toxic

USB port allows to charge the battery wherever and whenever

Indicator lamp displays the charging status of the battery

Overheat, overcharge and short circuit protection



Do not store, place or use the charger where it may come into contact with excess heat, water or moisture

Do not attempt to disassemble any part of the charger

Use this charger with the specified types of batteries only