Wrist Strap for Mirrorless Cameras

High-grade ABS quick release buckle for easy detachment. For wrists of less than 22cm circumference. Relieving wrist fatigue

  • Model: ST-1MLBK
  • Bar Code: 6950291512970

      JJC ST-1MLBK Wrist Strap is specially designed for mirrorless and compact cameras. Made of premium neoprene material, the wrist pad is durable and comfortable, which can effectively relieve your wrist fatigue when shooting for a long time. With built-in nylon fishing line, the cord loop can keep your camera secure when you hold it. Besides that, features a high-grade ABS quick release buckle, you can easily remove the wrist strap from the camera without detaching the whole strap. JJC ST-1MLBK wrist strap fits anyone whose wrist circumference is less than 22cm. With this wrist strap, you will have more fun in taking photos.


Product Highlights

Fits mirrorless and compact cameras

Premium neoprene wrist pad, durable and comfortable

Sturdy cord loop can securely hold your camera

Effectively relieves your wrist fatigue

Features a high-grade ABS quick release buckle for easily detachment

Suits for wrist circumference less than 22cm