RFID Blocking Wallet

Large Storage; Lightweight and Durable; Quick Access; Well Organization; Multi-purpose; Information Protector

  • Model: JCR-WA1
  • Bar Code: 6950291587862
JJC JCR-WA1 RFID Blocking Wallet is designed for storing cards, ID and small personal and household items such as keys and cash. The wallet accommodates up to 6 cards. The wallet is shielded to protect your cards from unauthorized scanners thanks to its built-in RFID blocking system. It provides degauss protection for your cards to prevent demagnetization. Ensure your properties are safe when you are shopping or out traveling.
The ergonomic locking system can realize easily opening and closing and make it easy to access your cards. With a silicone seal ring, the case can effectively keep dust and splashing water away.
Made of high-quality and environment-friendly plastic material, this case is lightweight and sturdy, provides years of reliable use and convenient carrying. Interior mesh pockets on the both sides effectively prevent impact while storing items.
All our products have undergone multiple inspections to ensure their quality. It is worth your trust.

Product Highlights
Large Storage: Accommodate up to 6 cards
Lightweight and Durable: Made of high-quality and environment-friendly material
Quick Access: Designed with ergonomic locking system
Well Organization: Mesh pockets are provided on the both sides of interior
Multi-purpose: Can also storing small personal and household items such as keys and cash 
Information Protector: Built-in RFID blocking system protects cards from unauthorized scanners